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Frequently Asked Questions

The Story of mail-tester

We needed a cheap, simple and efficient way to quickly test the quality of our own newsletters.

We simply built on our own tool. Now we're sharing it for free via our web-interface and enable you to include our tests in your own app and whitelist our service by creating an account.

We're geeky email software engineers. We can let you imagine how such people look like.

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How does mail-tester work?

We generate a random email address each time you access our Treehouse.

You should send a message from your favourite Newsletter/email software to this email address.

Once done, click on the Check your score button and as soon as we receive your message, our snail will stop to give you your spam score.

Mail-tester will analyze your message, your mail server, your sending IP... and show you a detailed report of what's configured properly and what's not.

Your result will be accessible for 7 days with our free version or 30 days if you created an account and used your own prefix.

If you send a new message to the same testing address, your previous test will be immediately deleted to be replaced by the new one.

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How Can I Ensure that Everybody Gets my Emails?

You can't. But you can do a lot to improve your chances, like getting a perfect score on mail-tester.

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Perfect Score, But Still in Spam!

All spam filters work differently. What may pass in mail-tester, might not in your own office inbox.

It also depends on user preferences. For example, I hit on "this is spam" button in my Yahoo. But you don't. Yahoo will adapt to each person.

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What's a perfect score?

Your Goal is to Score Perfect 10/10, use our tools to help you get there!

We have 5 different drawings in total. Click to enlarge.

Score 0 to 3 Score 3 to 5 Score 5 to 7 Score 7 to 9 Score 9 to 10

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My Emails Are Neither in the Inbox nor in Spam

Did you know that more emails are blocked than caught in a spam filter ? That means they disappear completely.

If that's your case, the server you're sending from is most probably blacklisted. It's time to change your sending method.

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What's SpamAssassin?

It's a widely used spam filter. It's open source, free, pretty awesome and they have a website too.

We have a vanilla install. In other words, it's an out of the box default installation.
We reversed the score so a positive score is a good score and a negative one is bad.

Do note that there are plenty of other spam filters out there.

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Why A Treehouse?

Ask our awesome designer, it was her idea. We simply didn't want some old school analogy to snail mail.

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Your Privacy Is Precious

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Do you have an API?

We have an iframe and a JSON API which are both available with our paid plans so you can integrate mail-tester results into your own software.

Need more information? Get in touch with us!

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Help Us Translate

We'd like to see mail-tester in other languages. Please contact us to receive the latest version of your language file and help us improve it!

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Usage Restrictions

You are free to use provided that:

  1. You do not interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the service.
  2. You do not take any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure.

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