Having an account will enable you to:

  • Integrate mail-tester results in your own application either by using an iframe or our JSON API
  • Earn money by integrating mail-tester results in your own application with our micro-payment mode
  • Customize the CSS of the result page
  • Fully white-label our service (once done please contact us so we will authorize our servers to receive emails from your domain)
  • Get statistics about your tests (daily, weekly and monthly usage)
  • Have a listing of all tests performed within the last 30 days
  • No advertisement will be displayed on your tests
  • There is no expiry date on the tests you purchase and you can purchase additional tests at any time you want with the same account
Number of testsPrice (excl. VAT)Price per test
Micro-payment mode
So your users will pay for the tests they perform and you get a commission... you don't need credits on your account
50050 €0.100 €Add 500 tests
1 00080 €0.080 €Add 1 000 tests
5 000250 €0.050 €Add 5 000 tests
20 000700 €0.035 €Add 20 000 tests
100 0002 500 €0.025 €Add 100 000 tests
1 000 00020 000 €0.020 €Add 1 000 000 tests

If you occasionally perform manual tests, no need to create an account, you can still use our web interface!