What's our micro-payment mode?

You're probably registered on this manager because you own an email marketing tool and you propose to your clients to perform tests before they send their Newsletters.

If you have a paid software or service, you probably integrated our spam test for free so it's included in the price your customer already pays.

But if you propose your software or service for free, you may want to add an extra feature to your software and make money at the same time!

Your users will be able to test their configuration and Newsletters before they send it... and you will earn a commission for each test performed by your users.

How does it work?

Just like a regular test, make sure you send an email to yourusername-whateveryouwant[at] and then display the iframe :

If the micro-payment mode is enabled on your account, a payment page will be displayed and the user will be able to purchase the test.

Once purchased, the user will be redirected to his test.

We only display the payment page if:

  • We received the message sent (until we receive it, your users will see our waiting page with the snail)
  • The result of this test has not been paid already (old tests are accessible for free... we display the payment page only if the test has never been loaded before)

If you want to embed our spam test using the micro-payment mode for the free version of your software and include spam tests for free in your paid version, please create two accounts on our manager, one with the micro-payment mode enabled and the other without it.
In that case, we can even convert your commission into tests on the other account.

What's your commission?

You will receive 40% of the amount spent by your users (excluded VAT).
That's basically a 50/50 deal on the benefit as we have large payment fees for small amounts.

How much does a test cost?

We have several packs from 1 to 10 euros (+ the local tax if it's from an European Union country) containing several tests, you can pick up 2 or 3 packs and display them on the payment page assigned to your account.

Want to apply other prices? Get in touch with us!

When will you get paid?

Every 1st of the month, you will receive a payment of your commission to your paypal email address (or to your bank account if you're located in Europe) if you earned more than 100€ of commissions.