Access the DNS Zone Editor

  1. Log in to your ISPConfig account.
  2. Click on the DNS menu.

    How to access ISPConfig 3 DNS zone editor

  3. Click on one of your domain name to edit its DNS.
  4. Click on the Records menu to access the DNS area.

    How to access ISPConfig 3 DNS area

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Create a SPF record

  1. Click on the TXT button to add a new TXT record.
  2. Hostname : Enter your main domain name or subdomain.
    Don't forget to add a dot at the end of your domain name! (example:
  3. Text : Enter your SPF record.
  4. TTL : Leave the default option (86400).
  5. Active : Make sure the checkbox is enabled.
  6. Click on the Save button.

Add your ISPConfig 3 SPF record

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