Access the DNS Zone

  1. Log in to your UnoEuro manager.
  2. Access the DNS area

    DNS Zone access

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Add the default UnoEuro SPF record

If you use an external delivery service, you should create your own SPF record.
But if you use your UnoEuro server to deliver emails, you can simply enable their default SPF :

  1. Access the DNS Tools area
  2. Select the UnoEuro SPF record template

    Select UnoEuro SPF template

  3. Click on the Insert template button

    Insert UnoEuro SPF template

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Create a custom SPF record

If you do not use an external delivery service, you should rather use the default UnoEuro SPF record.

  1. Access the DNS administration area
  2. Click on the Add new DNS record button

    Add a SPF on UnoEuro

  3. Set the Name field to the name of your subdomain (e.g. "mail" if your email address is, or to @ if you do not use a subdomain
  4. Fill the Value field with your SPF record (e.g. "v=spf1 a mx ~all")
  5. Click on the Create new record button to insert your DNS record

    Create a SPF record on UnoEuro

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